Single sailing holidays need not be uninteresting and a person doesn’t need to be with several of their relatives and buddies in order to truly have a wonderful time. Mallorca is also called Majorca which large island is an area of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. The elements in this field are warmer through the summertime than the wintertime, but there is absolutely no bad time for Mallorca cruising holidays. One of the better things about single sailing vacations is a person can check out a beach quite easily from their vessel.

Here are places everyone must see during their Mallorca sailing holidays:


Palma is the capital city of Mallorca and it is full of tapas bars, ambient cafes, and enough boutiques that make shopping quite the pleasant experience. La Seu is a humongous Gothic cathedral and it is a prominent feature of the city.


This quaint town is only seventeen miles from Palma and one of the best ways to travel there is by taking the vintage wooden train. While in the town, people can stroll along the streets while looking at the Art Nouveau houses and venturing into a few of the craft shops. The main square of Placa Constitució is a nice place to stop for a break and maybe a quick snack.

Robert Graves’ House

Robert Graves was a talented novelist, poet, and historian and he spent his days writing in this very house. The house still looks very much the same as it did when he lived there and it is complete with many of his personal belongings. After spending time inside the house, visitors can take a stroll around the spectacular gardens before heading down towards the little beach.


The tiny village of Binissalem is where numerous vineyards and wineries can be found. This area is where most of the local wines of Mallorca are produced.

S’Albufera Nature Reserve

There are forty-two hundred acres in this nature reserve and people on Mallorca sailing holidays will want to take a break from the water to explore this space. It is an excellent place to go birdwatching, bicycling, and even walking.

Lluc Sanctuary

This site is where a figure of the Madonna was discovered through the 13th century, which explains why a monastery was positioned there. The building is currently a hotel, but that hasn’t stopped folks from carrying on to use the sanctuary as a location of pilgrimage.

Anyone who would like to go out on Mallorca sailing vacations will enjoy the very fact that island is near so a great many other countries as well as islands. This helps it be the perfect destination for individuals who wish to do whenever you can during their holiday.

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