Once you’ve made a decision to come to Israel with an organized tour, an instant make an online search will reveal a lot of companies offering tour packages. Everything you may not realize is that not all sellers are the same. Most companies that market trips to audiences overseas aren’t actually operating the trips – they’re simply resellers. Buying directly from an Israel-based tour operator, on the other hand, offers you three vital benefits of buying a packaged tour through a reseller. Tour operator in Israel, Amiel Tours was founded in 1976 by Mr. Chuzi Amiel as a family-owned, full-service B2B company, for incoming tourism to Israel Since then, the company has been a nine-time recipient of the “Distinguished Promoter of Tourism” award and has become the largest and one of the most respected providers of travel services in Israel. Today, the company is led by Mr. Oni Amiel with the same .spirit and dedication to professionalism instilled in him by his father, Chuzi.

A local tour operator is actually the one on the ground in Israel delivering the goods. When a local tour operator tells you something about what’s being offered, you know they aren’t making any assumptions about how things work, and you know their own reputation is on the line. Before you publication, ask each seller, “What’s your relationship to the people who will actually lead the tour?”

Full Accountability

Local tour operators are one-stop shops. They can’t pass the buck if a problem comes in, because they are both selling the tour package and delivering it. So when you buy a tour package from a local operator instead of someone who is just going to sell your reservation to someone else, you know you’re going to get good service the whole time. They are accountable for every detail, from the time you ask your first pre-purchase questions until your flight back home. Before you book, ask each seller, “Who do I contact if there’s a problem or an issue I need to be resolved on the ground?”

No Agent Markups

When you buy directly from the company that is handling fulfillment of your tour, there’s no need for them to pad the pricing. If you’ve booked a flight on Delta, El Al, United or Continental with a travel agent recently, you’ll see that there will be two charges – one for the fare and the other for the agent fee. The days of airlines paying travel agents are over. Now the consumer pays the agent for services provided. Obviously, the more hands that are in the pot, the more commissions have to be paid. When you deal with a reseller, everyone involved will charge a fee. When you book with an Israel-based tour operator, there are fewer middlemen, because everything is handled by one company. Before you book, ask each seller, “How many different tour companies will make money if I book with you?”

It’s important to look around when you’re making a substantial purchase just like a visit to Israel. The better you realize the variations among tour providers, the better educated your decision will be.

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